Knitting with a 2 year old

She is affectionately known in this house as “the three-foot tyrant. Also “bossy boots.” She has strawberry curls and big blue eyes. She is my whole world and also the reason I can’t finish any projects on time.

I was thrilled when she first began to show an interest in my knitting when she was a mere 10 months old. Those were glorious days. She would play on the floor happily while mommy would knit beside here. My first inclination of trouble was when he wrapped an entire skein of alpaca laceweight around her walker while Mommy was in the shower and Daddy was on Livy duty. It took Mike some pretty fancy talking to keep me from calling the divorce attourney then and there.

Next came the day when she discovered that yarn balls are more fun to throw because they leave a trail. Mommy’s entire stash was under attack for awhile. Now, wip are subject to random froggings. The other day I lost the beginnings of a sweater. I’m getting my revenge by taking tons of photos of her in the bathtub to show to her first boyfriend.


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2 responses to “Knitting with a 2 year old

  1. Get her her own stash? What about a little basket just for her with her own , (cheap) yarn in it. That way she can “knit” with you. You could even let her pick out her yarn in the store.

  2. Now that is brilliant! I can imagine it now. “no honey, I’m not adding to my stash, we are building livy’s.” you are a genius.

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