too impatient


I always feel a little guilty after I frog a project, I don’t know why. Does anyone else experience this? It’s so silly, just like as soon as I got pregnant, the mantle of guilt settled on my shoulders and probably will never leave. 

To balance things out, I went back to my ufo basket (also known as my husbands walk in closet, what, he never uses it.) and pulled out my least favorite project. It should be among my favorites, and at one time, it was.  It’s a beautiful, pink marled Italian wool baby blanket for Olivia. It’s a cable knit and suits the yarn beautifully. It just never grows. It has not grown in months. I worked on it exclusively on the way to the keys (6 hours away) and it grew half an inch.

I started this project while on bedrest for the last 5 months of my pregnancy. It should have been done then, but 4 friends were pregnant with me, so I was thinking (this is where I always go wrong) “I have plenty of time.”  This was compounded by the fact that I never go full term.

To make a long story shortish, Livy is 2 , the blanket is almost to a respectable length, but there is a small problem in that blankets do not grow as quickly as babies do.  The other day, I got sick of it and decided to cast it off. It has haunted me ever since. So last night in a fit of guilt, I put it back on the needles and committed to adding another 5 repeats. If anyone has any tips on making a 2-year-old grow less quickly, I’d appreciate it. I’ve already tried the tie a brick to her head thing, didn’t work…

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  1. I don’t feel guilty when I frog. I get cranky and then the whole thing usually gets shoved onto the naughty spot, (either a basket or the back of my closet) until I can bare the thought of dealing with it again. That may be a week or a year.

    Cant help with the two year old. Those kids seem to grow like weeds no matter what happens to them.

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