Weekend recap

Friday night after my husband got out of work we went to see Pirates 4. It was awesome! We went to the late night show which didn’t start until 12:30 at night. the movie let out at 3 am. When we went home, we found that my daughter had just gone to sleep. I felt really badly for my mom who was wiped out!

Saturday we set up the pool. It has been unseasonably warm (Northerners, please don’t kill me. I lived in the middle of the snow belt for most of life) this spring and already in the 90’s. We had just purchased it and laid it all out only to discover the pump and filter was missing.

I have to give thanks to the Yarn Harlot for her creative and inoffensive cursing ideas. I believe I used “For the love of wool” repeatedly and with great fervor. This is useful when you have a houseful of kiddos impatiently waiting for the pool raising.

Four trips to area stores later, we finally have the correct pump and filter, but, no more daylight. So because my husband is “determined” (stubborn is almost a dirty word in this house) he sat up filling the pool until the wee hours of the morning.

Yesterday, I worked on the pink leviathan again. I am determined to finish this thing before July. I’m also working on my list of projects for the blog-along. I’m trying to decide whether to focus on projects I actually want for myself or to go for projects that will teach me new skills I want to acquire even though I might not love the finished object.

I also was invaded by the demon spirit of Suzy Homemaker and decided to make sweet onion relish for summer cookouts. My gram made this when i was a kid and I’ve been craving it. It was so easy, I’m tempted to make more of it. We re hosting a cookout for some friends from our church in a couple of weeks and I’d like to have it on hand. It just says summer to me. What foods say summer to you?

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