livy and Daddy

Yesterday we went ot Hollywood Studios to ride the newly renovated star tours ride. It was incredible and well worth spending the day mingling in the sea of people. some of whom really got into the spirit of things. Who am I to say anything, I’m married to a guy who created his own chain mail shirt, and built a full-sized trebuchet in the backyard.

Today, I am feeling pretty wretched with some sort of bug, and the joy of my day has been watching my daughter and her daddy play together. He’s so patient with her. right now, they are tossing a giant beach ball back and forth in my living room. They’ve already been to the store, had a swim and a bath. She leads him around by the finger and the heart.

I love my family even though they cause me oodles of laundry…

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day. Hope you feel better soon so you can get back in the fun.

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