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updated list

one of the small annoyances about living in Fl has become  larger one, by virtue of having created this blog. Storm season is upon us and we have had several impressive ones lately. As far as i know, the only victim of them was my poor internet service. Everyone in this house is far too dependant on technology, myself included.

As a result, You’d think i would be all set with the challenge list, right? Well, I was, until I went to the library and found a couple of books on color knitting and socks, and then finally a Nicky Epstein book. Also, I had to frog my tunic because I have lost 20 lbs since i started it.

Anyway, my new list is a little ambitious. As my husband says, there is no kill like over kill. I’ll probably never get through it, but here we go.

Copenhagen royal shawl

evening gala aran

highland fling plaid jacket

roman holiday shrug

Parisian entrelac wrap

fuji feather lace wrap

Mongolian warrior pullover

cowichan vision wrapcoat

all from Knitting on top of the world

from knitting lingerie style

boyshorts and halter

basic slip


lace tee

silk and pearls cami


silk party top

plus the reworking of my falling leaves tunic and the windmill bag i promised my sister.

all totalling 17 projects.  This includes no charity project for the nicu like i do for Ethan’s b-day in march or any knitting for Christmas.

I haven’t decided on any yarns yet but i will fill in the info as we go.

Is anyone undecided on whether they are going to start more than one project at a time? I think I’m going to cast on a least one project for the car, another for appts, and at least one for at home when my peanut is sleeping.

I’m trying to catch up on my swatching today and also everyone else’s blogs.



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It’s Done!

Please forgive my lack of posts this week. I have been entertaining company and haven’t even sat down in front of this computer once other than to dust it.

My aunt came in from ny and she brought some friends that we took to disney for a couple of days. A small, piece of advice when taking small children to disney. They are going to be overwhelmed. It is massive, the size of San francisco. It’s a lot to take in. they may not react how you expect them to. Even the kiddie rides are intense. If your child is afraid of the dark at home, that is not going to magically go away at disney. It doesn’t help to get frustrated with them. I realise that you have put a ton of effort, research and your time into this trip and you have built up this fantasy trip in your mind. However, if it’s not like that, cut your entire family a break and enjoy the little things that your kid likes. Also, June to October down here is extremely hot, humid, and can be miserable. Go in the park early, stay til noon, go back to your hotel, eat, nap, and swim go back to the park at  around five pm. You’ll enjoy that so much more. Trust me, There is no way  you will see everything in the week or two you are here. I’ve been here 5 years now, we go constantly, and there are shows and things I haven’t seen. End PSA.

In other news, the baby blanket is done. i have woven in the ends, and she drags it everywhere. I try not to shudder when I think of how many times I’m going to have to remind the non-knitters in this house that if they throw it in the wash, I shall kill them in some highly inventive and unusual way. Pictures to follow as soon as I can get it away from her.

my parents are in NY this week and I am enjoying a 10 day break from everyone, so what do I do with my weekend? why, it only makes sense to throw a party, right? Some friends of ours from our former church came over on Saturday with their families. We had a fantastic time. These are the people who helped us through the difficult time with our son. I could call them in the middle of the night from the NICU and know that they were praying for Ethan. They loved us in such a practical way. It was great to be able to reconnect with them.

I had made way too much food, so we invited my  sister’s family to come help us eat leftovers and to swim in the pool. We had a great time with them, too. I really thought her 4 boys would have made a bigger dent in the food, though. I always make way too much food. My mom’s family is really large and when we would get together my gram always made enough food to last  week. Guess I’m just like her.

On the knitting front, I am reconsidering my plan for the blog-along. I was originally thinking to knit  my way through knitting lingerie style, but I’m wondering if it’s too much of the same thing. There are a great many tanks  there. Living in florida, I live in tanks, but I’m also easily bored with the same project. Anybody got any ideas?

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quick note

I have company from NY this week. My aunt is in and we have been super busy. I’ve loved having her, but, I spend way less time at home however, I think the pink leviathan will be off my needles when i come back.

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