knitting at the beach

Some lovely friends of ours invited us to spend the weekend with them at the beach. We had a wonderful time playing in the sand. We saw crabs, jellyfish, dolphins, turtles and manatees. It was fantastic.

I got in a lot of knitting time. i am almost halfway through my very first project on the list. i am using a chunky yarn with sequins and a metallic blend. It’s more of a garnet red than it looks in the picture. the yarn I am using is loops and threads dewdrops in garnet.


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5 responses to “knitting at the beach

  1. I love the yarn you are using. There are some really cool things on your list. I can’t find a few of them on Rav. Do you have the links?

    • I am looking for the links, but I have a teething baby today so i’ll get them up as soon as possible. my poor little peanut is cutting all 4 molars at once (half-measures simply aren’t done in this family) so we’re having a cuddle day.

  2. BlueberryTea

    Wow sounds like you had a fab weekend. Love the colour of the yarn your using. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog about my dolls. Hope your little one is feeling a little better now.x

  3. I hope your peanut’s molars are all through now. Poor little thing. We are still waiting on the last molars here (she’s 3yrs 5months…)

    Your weekend sounds wonderful.

    • It was a really relaxing weekend. we really needed it. The week of July 4th is just packed with people at disney and since mike works in inspection there, if something goes wrong in the park they keep a team of guys working around the clock. He caught overtime all week. He could have been an extra in any zombie movie you’d like by the end last week. He even began to speak the language by Friday. livy is feeling a little better today, i think they might have broken through a little, since she’s not trying to gnaw my fingers off today.

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