Blog-along post 2

I finished the garnet wrap! It was the first time I have ever started and finished a project in the same week before, Wait, I take that back, I once made a garter stitch scarf on the way to georgia, but, it was mostly to take the edge off the idea of spending a week in the mts w/ my mil.

This was also the 1st time I have ever worked with a bulky yarn. It was such an enjoyable and quick knit. The yarn is soft and sparkly in a subtle way. t was an easily split yarn would be my only (small) criticism of it.


I am now working on my windmill bag in the car, and am casting on another project for at home. I’m trying to decide between a tank top and reworking the tunic. I have to confess that I am very reluctant to take apart that tunic because it is half done but I love it too much to put that much time into it and not have it fit well and never wear it.  

Please ignore my appearance in the photos. I spent the day at Epcot with my family today. Since beginning this blog, I’m realising how much of my weekend belongs to the mouse. today, we ate at the Biergarten (delicious!) and was able to knit for an hour while Mike went on Soarin. One of the benefits of the windmill bag is that I can tuck it in my purse and it’s knit in strips so there’s nothing to pulling it out anywhere (even in line) and making progress. Wishing everyone a peaceful and productive week!


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12 responses to “Blog-along post 2

  1. The colour really suits you. Its very satisfying to get a project completed quickly. I often resort to sewing to get a quick FO fix as working with yarn is normally a long term commitment!

  2. The wrap looks great and you look great in the pictures!

  3. Well done on finishing your wrap.x

  4. Awesome Wrap.
    Which pattern is it? It looks like I need to add it to my ’emergency’ gift list!

    • I just discovered that I forgot to put it on my list on my blog, does it count that it was on the list in my head? it was a free pattern at Michaels called “knit versatile wrap”. it calls for their dewdrops yarn. For the first time ever, I used their yarn instead of subbing my own and really loved the results.

  5. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you have some friendly competition! I couldn’t believe it when I started and finished a sweater for Ravelympics.

    As for your tunic, if it won’t fit then frog it. It’s hard to do, but it feels better once it’s done. Especially if it results in something that you’ll love and that fits!

  6. That looks fab – I love the colour – well done! And btw, you look fab! x

  7. Congratulations on your FO it looks super. Bulky yarn is fantastic for making a quick project

  8. Great job! Love the color. You look great in the picture, though the hair looks like it was windy. 😉 😀

  9. Wow that’s so pretty! I agree with everyone here that the color is great and it really suits you! Sigh.. Times like these really make me wish I’d knit!

  10. The wrap looks great! Love it. I like those little grab-n-go projects too!

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