It was self defense, I swear it!

It has taken me the better part of 15 years to get there, but I finally conned my sister into learning to knit. I think she was pushed over the edge because she was looking at my “Norweigian Knits” book and realising that I would not be able to knit her any of the yummy mittens in that book for at least a year. I was a little bit proud that she was able to get a recognisable row of knit stitches in less than ten minutes including the cast on, even though she is right handed and I am left. I was almost a little miffed at that as well since it took me well over an hour to do it. I consoled myself with the knowlege that it must have been my superior teaching skills, and now my favorite shopping partner will now be able to enable my yarn shopping as well as the rest of my clothing obsessions.

For those of you who use them, do blocking wires make a difference, and would you recommend them to a knitter that is slightly intimidated by the idea of blocking?

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  1. I personally don’t have blocking wires, but I do have sock blockers and if they work the same sort of way then they are very helpful. My BFF keeps making noise about wanting to get me a set of wires. I think she really likes hers.
    And congrats to your sister. They all come over to the dark side in the end 😉

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