Week 3

I had a very productive week, knitting -wise. I cast on the Fiji lace wrap (which I still can’t figure out how to link to the project, sorry), and as for

my car knitting project the windmill bag is a little more than half done.


I am researching which tank on my list will make a good car project.  Teaching my sister to knit has given me unexpected knitting time, since she actually wants me to knit at her house now, and we made a most successful trip to the LYS. So successful in fact, that we contemplated selling her husband’s kidney to pay for it. One small side effect of an eight hour day focussed on knitting is my hands are very sore!

Off to read what everyone else is up to this week!


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14 responses to “Week 3

  1. That shade of coral is fabulous, love the pattern you’ve got going and am anxious to see it progress

  2. Ruth

    I too love the shade and can’t wait to see more !

  3. Beautiful! So when is your sister going to be on Ravelry. So jealous that you got her hooked, all 4 of my sisters are not interested. They say it’s quicker to get me to do it! I know they are missing the point! I’m hoping that they will come around to it.

    • I set her up with an acct yesterday and pointed her towards the help forums. She seems to have a knitting emergency everytime i step out the door. I think whar helped her along was knowing that for an entire year I had my knitting all planned out and was not planning on taking on any other projects. She was appalled, apparently, I used my mommy “I really mean it” face.

  4. Well, he has two kidneys, right? ;D How fun to have an accomplice too!

    Your windmill bag looks fascinating, looking forward to seeing that when it’s done. Pretty lace, too!

    • that was our logic, too. As it happens, my own husband has a few extra body parts lounging on my couch that could become yarn money…..

  5. Its great to share the knitting love just a bit of a bummer when the student starts producing better work than the teacher! xx

  6. She always out does me. Fortunately, she’s also wicked fun to hang out with, maybe I’ll start begging her to make me stuff. She’s plenty obseesed. She hasn’t been a knitter a week yrt, and she;s trying to talk her husband into buying her a muskox for the fibre.

  7. That coral is an awesome color !! Great to hear that you’re teaching your sister – wish someone had taught me some knitting skills when I was younger. I was taught how to crochet by a work colleague about 35 years ago and hence it is now my craft of choice. Enjoy your week.

  8. Wow – I also love the coral yarn! It’s so pretty!

    I think selling a husband’s kidney for yarn is perfectly reasonable 🙂

  9. HAHAHAHA!!!!! I think that my BFF’s girlfriend has just taken the first step to becoming a knitter too. She started fondling a Cash/Merino shawl that was being knit near her and it then had to be forcibly removed from her neck. I hope she doesn’t take as long as your sister did to come around.

  10. Lovely red! Careful about overdoing; I find my shoulders get sore if I spend too long in front of the TV knitting. How nice to have your sister to knit alongside with you!

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