She started it!

One of the great things about a younger sister is that when ever you are busted for doing something wrong, it’s all their fault. This is the right of the firstborn, your very own patsy. I used to think that the right expired once you were eighteen, but apparently not. Here I am, about to tattle.

“MOM!!! Shel dragged me to the yarn shop, made me buy silk yarn and she bought bamboo wool AND circular needles AND this gorgeous navy blue yarn that has sparkles that looks like stars against hte night sky. AND THEN she made me look at (shocked horror rises in my voice, even as I throw her the “Now you’re gonna get it” look) RAVELRY, mom, for just hours, just pattern after pattern, sweaters, cowls tanks and there’s more , mom, so much more She found Coachella, and then she says (cuz she’s evil, mom, pure evil “Gift of God” my foot) “Can you just START this for me since all the hard parts are at the beginning? AND THEN I (virtuosity personified, note the halo and wings) said “NO, I can’t cheat on my list, think of my poor waiting tunic yarn layng there (enter violins) cold and alone, patiently waiting to burst from it’s sad lonely cocoon into the butterly glory that is but she is so sneaky and pushes and pushes me to my breaking point by saying “Please.” Devious, that one.  (end hurried run on sentence) Now, don’t you wish you had listened to me and gotten me that puppy I wanted instead of HER?”

Once again, all her fault.


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9 responses to “She started it!

  1. ha ha! Imagine how great it is having THREE younger sisters! Though none of my sisters knit, I have one thing more in common with my mum than we used to have.

    Oh my word though, that top is going to be BEAUTIFUL. You are a great and good Big Sister.

  2. Wish I had an evil sister to blame. Can I borrow yours? lol Love the color…sounds like you had a great shopping day.

  3. Kim

    I have an evil baby sister, but nothing about her evil helps me in the yarn arena of my life….she doesn’t knit! Cute post, gorgeous patterns~

  4. I totally relate! I am the oldes of 8 with 4 sisters and 3 brothers and well yes blaming the boys for my wool is tricky but my sisters, always blaming them, even if they don’t live near enough to me to physically “drag” my to the LYS!

    Baby sisters are EVIL!! But so convienant to blame everything on!

  5. As a younger sister I can safely say no. It is YOUR fault (kidding) Sisters are such ban enablers aren’t they?

    • careful! we older sisters are a huge network! My sister is my very favorite kind of enabler, she always tells me i NEED whatever it is that i want.

  6. That made me laugh (although I am the younger sister). Coachella is super though, I am very tempted by it, I wonder if I have any suitable stash. Now can I blame you for it? 😀

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