sockily challenged

I stink at making socks. I don’t know if it’s just because I am not a sock person, I live in the land of Mickey mouse and flip-flops for a reason. My attempts at socks have all been dismal failures. They could fit fred flintstone’s feet. To be honest, I would give it up if it weren’t for that dratted yarn harlot who routinely turns out footwear than makes me green with envy. Sometimes, I’m tempted to pay that squirrel to frustrate her like the socks frustrate me, but that will not help my sock karma.  Hopefully, what will is that sock class i’m signing up for next month.

Is there any particular project you have that you just cannot get, no matter how many times you try?


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3 responses to “sockily challenged

  1. Good luck with the class!

    I’m still learning the basics here, so most things present a challenge to begin with. Though now that I have successfully joined 200 stitches into the round I’m starting to have giddy thoughts of hats, mittens and even socks.

    • I love knitting in the round although I still obsessively triple check that i haven’t twisted the yarn before I join it, oh watch, I probably just jinxed myself…

  2. I have trouble with socks too but it’s mostly SSS because I did love making the first I just never made the other. Plus I didn’t like the end result. The sock was pointy toe’d and square bottomed, but I still loved the working on it part.

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