July’s over? Seriously?

This month flew by, it seems but I did get one FO, so I’m still sort of on track. I currently have on the needles, the windmill bag, coachella, my fiji lace wrap and cast on my silk and pearls cami. There has been no real progress on anything this week.

Tuesday was my birthday and my family totally spoiled me. My husband bought me the beatles box set. I am a huge beatles fan. I was excited. Then he took my 2 year old to the store so that I could shower and get ready for my day in peace. Most mothers will tell you that this is present enough to be able to take a shower w/o a small imp standing outside the shower door yelling “momomomomomomomomom” the whole time. Incidentally, I’ve discovered livy can do this 56 times before having to take a breath. Isn’t that lovely?

Then my mom watched all five of the kids so that my sister and I could have a shopping day. She’s a champ. My sister’s 4 boys are good, but lively. we went to my favorite yarn shop. I bought rescued three lovely laceweights. one was a silk/linen mix I am thinking to use for a dress.  The yardage was 750. I also bought 475 yards of a lovely denim alpaca. That one still hasn’t decided what it wants to be when it grows up. Finally. I got 125 yards of a lovely plum colored 100% silk. I think I see a cowl in its future. My husband sees thongs. we shall see who prevails.

I’ve been rethinking my list. I have two pieces on my list that I really want to knit, but, would never probably wear. I love the evening gala aran. It is a fabulous sweater. However, it makes the  dress makers’s model look thick in the middle. Also, I have seen it IRL, and it flatters no one. The point of my list was to finally have  knitted garments that I loved and flattered me. 

The 2nd one is the cowichan wrap coat. It is very boxy on. I look terrible in that shape, I might be able to change the shaping of the shoulders, but, for now, it’s off my list.

Does anyone else ever cast on a bigger size than you need, just in case? I drive myself crazy because I want a very tailored fit, but then I intentionally add 2″ just so i don’t have to reknit it. If you were knitting a cami and you were right between the sizes would you knit the smaller size or the larger?



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13 responses to “July’s over? Seriously?

  1. Happy Birthday! What a great day you had. I agree, having someone take my daughter for a bit is the best gift. What a star your mum is.


    You had the dream birthday day! Your alone shower and then shopping with your sister. So jealous.

    As for size, I have to admit I tend to cast on a size bigger and then kick myself as it doesn’t work out the way I wanted it to. And give it away.

    Your list sounds like mine, I put on it things I want to knit but probably not going to wear.

    Thongs! Only a man would say that! My hubby would sponsor my yarn addiction every month if I said I was going to make thongs only! LOL

    • Thank you! I know, I had to laugh, as if i was going to waste the only skein of 100% silk on a thong, he must be mad. I think I am going to be brave and frog the little bit I have going on my silk cami and knit it to the smaller size.

  3. Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a rocking time!!! I’m rethinking a few projects as well on my list, or have changed patterns but kept the same general project (i.e. a shawl, but different shawl pattern).

  4. Kim

    What a great birthday you had! Happy wishes for your “new’ year are sent your way. I have not knit myself a garment yet-for the very reason of not being sure how to make sure it would fit me!

  5. Happy belated birthday. Sounds like you had a great day. I tend not to make anything for myself just in case I spend months making it and to find that it doesn’t fit. Have a good week. xoxox

  6. Happy Birthday!
    I know what you mean about fit, technically because you are making this garment fabric and all you should be able to alter it perfectly, except that’s so hard. I usually make things smaller because I expect the yarn to stretch.

  7. Happy belated birthday! What size I knit to kinda depends on the yarn. Is there going to be growth? A superwash or cotton will grow. But a stoutly plied wool isn’t going to grow too much.

  8. you have inspired me to finish that sack!! im embarking on a 3 he drive later today (well, ride) and if my son sleeps, i will tackle the owlie! i wish i could help with your questions,,,sadly, have yet to make clothing. i guess i would constantly try on and be sure to keep shrinkage (if applicable) in mind. good luck!!

  9. What a great day. Hmmmmm a shower with no one at the door. I keep telling people that my next job will have perks like bathroom doors that stay shut and sick days. Shorter hours would be nice too.

  10. No advice on sizing; it’s all very hit and miss with me. Maybe that’s why I prefer to knit socks? At least I can get those to fit!

    Sounds like a heavenly day, with some very thoughtful help from DH and Mom!

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