I think I’ve angered the knitting fairies


Thursday was not a good day knitting wise. It all started when my charming husband rushed me out of bed and out the door w/o makeup or knitting bag. In my little world that is a hanging offense. I am the product of a long line of cosmetologists married to a guy who has literally had the same haircut since birth. He’s never going to get it. Fortunately, he takes out the garbage w/o being told and cheerfully will occupy our 2 year old  on all yarn shopping trips.

So,I had to drop him at work and it happens that my sister lives in that direction.  i had planned a knitting night at her house and here I was w/o anything to work on. This is not good. At my sister’s house there are 4 lovely boys that will allow Livy to boss htem around to her heart’s content. This is awesome knitting time. 8 hours of it, wasted. I began knitting a voodoo doll out of the scratchiest acrylic I could find in the girliest pink I could find. Tonight I’m going to pluck his chest hair out, one by one.

Perhaps it was the bad karma I courted while plotting mind control of my biggest knitting obstacle that led to the next problem. I had to go get SOMETHING to knit, right? I bought two skeins of yarn on sale at Joanns, and I cast on three different projects and hated them by the third row. Meanwhile, my sister has become obsessed with knitting rag rugs. She went through 7 bags of clothing to find the right colors, at one time demanding the shirt off of her son’s back because it matched her color scheme in her bathroom better than the one she had.  They are used to our crazy, it’s okay.

Her rag rug was gorgeous, all turquoise and sand with some navy and white thrown into to balance it nicely. Mine was hideous, there are no pictures. I would whine about how she took all the good stuff, but since her money paid for the clothing, I won’t. In the midst of all this, I decided to do some work with my spindle and show Shel how to spin when the yarn I was (over) spinning broke and the spindle fell to the floor and shattered. I decided to call it a night.

I have made some progress on my silk cami, however. The back is done and I have cast on the front.  the windmill bag is also coming along nicely. Hopefully, one or both of these will be off the needles by the end of the month. I really want to start reworking my tunic in Sept. I’ll need that around November and I want to give myself plenty of time to finish it. I also want to finish the fiji wrap. In October, I’ll start my Christmas knitting. That is the current plan, subject to change w/o notice, void where prohibited.


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4 responses to “I think I’ve angered the knitting fairies

  1. Sounds like a very annoying day. And I’m especially sorry to hear about your spindle. My only advice is to take a deep breath and see if things don’t start to look up!

  2. Yow. 8 hours of knitting time wasted. That as got to hurt. Good luck with that voodoo doll.

  3. Ugh. I hate it when the knitting mojo leaves you hanging like that. I hope you get it back soon.

  4. There is nothing worse, than having to leave home without your face on and without the knitting bag. I have had that inflicted on me as well, and it’s not fun.

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