T minus 8 and counting

This is it, I’ve made it through. I haven’t exploded, no one has been arrested, gone to the emergency room, or the insane asylum. Heck. no one has even gone to the bar. Tomorrow is that beautiful halcyon day called THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! Tomorrow, unless the boys’ hurricane dance pays off, they will trudge off to the salt mines and Shel and I will have one child apiece!!  Oh. the possibilities.


On the knitting front, I have finished the back and have 2 inches left to knit on my silk cami. Also, the windmill bag has a mere 100 rows left to go. I should be able to get both of these off the needles by the end of the month. The knitting fairies are snickering, I can tell. I do have a major decision to make about the silk cami. It calls for straps made out of these really elegant seed pearls. But, I’m not really a pearl kind of girl. I’m more of a fun beaded strap kind of girl. I’ve got to decide whether or not to leave it as is, or personalize it a little.


I’m hoping that since (say it again) school starts tomorrow, I will have a little more time to focus on knitting and also doing a better job of reading everyone’s blogs. That somehow got away from me last week. If I missed you last week, this week I solemnly swear to do better. I’m going to try to make this week all about catching up. At least, I haven’t started another new, non-YOP project, right?


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15 responses to “T minus 8 and counting

  1. hooray! 1st September is the day of joy here. Well done on making it through, and enjoy some quality time with your sister 🙂

    I’d be doing beaded straps if that was more my style. But look, you’ll have time to decide now!

    • I’m leaning more towards the beaded straps too. There are just so many to choose from. I’ll be toting my cami around in my purse all week getting strange looks from all the non-knitters wondering what I’m up to.

      I think that there should be mandatory mimosa parties on the first day of school.

  2. The hurricane dance? LOL! We used to look forward to the first day of school!

    • Back home in NY it was a snow dance. I didn’t have the heart to tell then that here in Orlando they go thirty years w/o a hurricane. My older nephew was happy about it, but the middle child (always the middle child) came home from his first day of Kindergarten and declared he was so glad tht was over and he never had to go back. He’s never changed his mind.

  3. I’m totally with you on the “get those kids back to school thing.” Mine have been back for a week now and my house feels so nice! I’m convinced I’m a better mommy when we spend less time together. Weird, perhaps, but it works for us. Hope you’re having a great week settling into some quiet time!

    • I know I’m a better mommy when I get a break. My nephews live a much different life than we did as kids. We lived in a very rural area where you ran the hills all day and didn’t come in until bedtime. my nephews live indoors, are constantly boredand needing to be entertained. It’s exhausting.

  4. Kim

    Your posts always make me laugh! We don’t start school until the 1st. Yes, that would be a Thursday….dumb, I know. I only have one going back this year–everyone else is on to bigger pastures. Actually, 1 is leaving for college *sob* at the end of September, and the oldest boy is back living at home until he gets married sometime next winter, or spring….or summer. Suffice it to say, the baby, (age 15 ) is not looking forward to school again and actually refuses to talk about it! My house will not be quiet, clean or clutter free for quite some time to come! ) Enjoy your peace!

  5. I really enjoyed reading your blog, I so know the feeling about first day back to school….my two oldest boys start back on the 5th sept……it has not been the easiest hols as we have been thinking about changing their school from the tiny little rural school to the bustling town school 8 miles away….so I think I am more nervous than them to start back. How exciting that you have taught your sister to knit, there is no way my sister would take up crochet. Think about all e knitting chat now!Hope you managed to get all the m+ms out of your dishwasher!

    • Thank you. my oldest nephew is off to middle school now and we are all a little nervous, too. I never thought Shel would either, but either the summer was harder on her than thought, or all my years of strategic yarn placement has finally paid off. I think i got every last m&m. We’ll find out when i run them through tonight.

  6. Meant to say…. The poppy pattern is just a modified square I saw on ravelry which had been done in all White, I spent a little while trying to do something simple and this worked the best in the end.

  7. Thank you. i’m finding I really enjoy having a blog. Mostly, because I have a captive audience, and none of you want to talk about Elmo all day long. It does seem a little odd to start school on a thursday, doesn’t it?

    I so do not miss wedding planning, mine was 5 years ago and I still shudder when i see a wedding gown.

  8. Ruth

    Loved reading your blog, am going to buck the trend and say I’m sad its end of holidays… yes mine are all looking forward to Sept 1st but I’m not…. ah well wonder when’s the next hols lol

    Love that you’ve taught your sister how to knit…no fear of mine wanting to learn lol.

  9. Congratulations on surviving! Your post made me laugh, thanks! And it sounds like you’ll be getting some knitting done this week! Good luck and happy crafting! Lily

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