They’re gunning for me

Remember those knitting fairies from last week? Yes well, after lulling me into a false sense of security by allowing  me to finish the silk cami, w/o much trouble, they teamed up with the fairies of painful and painfully expensive dental work and laid me out flat for the week. I told you guys I heard snickering. I am now on a serious yarn diet, it appears that along with my children, sometimes my husband, and my sister’s maraschino cheesecake truffles, having teeth in my mouth is among the few things I treasure more than yarn, who knew?

This is going to seriously impact my list, as I have to use stash yarn and most of what I have left is not very good quality acrylic in ridiculous colors

that I picked out when i was a teen first learning. ApparentlyI was either incredibly tacky at 15 or I was color-blind. I mean, homeless pigeons would not crap on this stuff.

I was able to go to the zoo with my family yesterday. We had planned for this trip since Livy was born and so I was very excited to be able to take her to see all the animals. It was amazing! If you are in Florida or are planning a trip there, please take time to visit the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. It is worth every single penny.

In addition to this gorgeous Florida panther, (of which there are fewer than 30 in the wild) they have many fiber animals, there were llamas, camels and goats. I wanted to volunteer to groom them just to collect the fiber. I was very tempted to shear those “poor, sweltering” walking sweaters animals, but I decided not to get thrown out on my first visit. Because I showed so much restraint, my husband bought me my first llama, that Olivia immediately commandeered. She’s got her very own drama llama, now.


I am also taking the time to make my costume for the not so scary mickey party which we are already committed to, thank goodness, because I would have been very sad to have to give that up.  I’m going as my alter-ego “The Evil Queen of the Universe.” The story behind that title is that my nephew went to pre-k with my picture when he was 4 and during show and tell stood up and announced “This is my Aunt Mist, she looks really nice, but she’s actually an EVIL SUPER GENIUS.” I swear, you make a kid clean his room once, and it’ll haunt you for life.

Since I don’t sew, it makes sense for me to choose the most complicated pattern I could find right?  I mean the evil queen of the universe has her standards.  I leave you a picture of me and the cutest of my knitting obstacles in hopes of appeasing the fairies before I’m zapped by the fairies of ending up in traction. …


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14 responses to “They’re gunning for me

  1. Looks like amazing fun was had! Love the big cat. Can’t wait to get to our big zoo this Summer, haven’t been for years and they have been doing some serious remodelling and additions to it.

    • Isn’t she pretty? I do have to say though that her eyes are wicked. She looks at you like “Don’t run away, dinner, you’ll only die tired.” I had a shot of her face close up but it was way too blurry to post.

  2. Kim

    So sorry for your dental woes—no fun at all, nor is paying for the help you so desperately need when in the throes of dental pain. I am glad you were able to join in the fun with your family–I love your little red head girl! Such a cutie.

  3. What a gorgeous photo! You both look gorgeous in your summer dresses, and that pink rocks!

    So sorry to read about your dental work, I hope that both comfort and yarn funding are restored as soon as possible.

  4. Sorry to hear about the yarn diet and the dental work. Hopefully you make peace with the fairies soon. Around here hard bread can be used to appease fairies.

  5. So sorry to hear about the yarn diet!! Hopefully the fast will be over soon!

  6. Awww – you two make a pretty cute picture… 🙂

  7. I had similar thoughts when we visited a safari park, the camels were moulting and I really wanted to offer to wander around the pen picking up the fluff, but I don’t think I would have been allowed

    • hmmm, I think i’m goingto start a charity to save the poor sweltering fiber animal. We’ll come in, do your grooming and ALL the cleanup. Awhole team of animal loving volunteers. Think they’d buy it?

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