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This is so stupid.

Here’s what I can do with my broken hand.

1. laundry

2. dishes

3. chase a wicked fast naked toddler through walmart who can not only outrun me, but apparently, holds the world record for ability to run and strip at the same time.

4. cook

5. drive

6. pick up after all the slobs who live here.

7. teach my toddler her colors and shapes.

This is all cool w/ my dr. What is the one thing he thinks will stress my injury? Let’s all say it together KNITTING! Apparently, somewhere in his childhood his granny knit him some very scratchy woolen underwear and his mother made him wear them. Now, he has a prejudice against all things pertaining to wool. I could tell by the sadistic gleam in his eye when he told me I could not knit.

Mike is ready to beg this man to reconsider, I think there may even be a bribe involved. If you knew how cheap my husband is, you would realize how desperate he is. We once went to the casino to celebrate a relative’s birthday, he took one dollar with him. he played on that dollar for 2 hours, and when it was gone, he was done. 

Me the non-knitter, is not a very nice person, neither am I terribly rational. I have taken to snapping at random strangers who irritate me. I also have made a pet out of my favorite ball of lovely dusty rose-colored metallic mohair blend. As soon as I am able, it is destined to become a lovely wrap sweater. mike, for some crazy reason objected to me taking it to the beach. I reminded him that I have been in love with this ball of yarn for 10 years. Whereas, he’s been hanging around on my sofa for a mere 6 years. For some inexplicable reason, this was not the perspective gaining argument for him that I thought it would be. He started to yammer on something about wedding vows and how he was sure that they did not include his wife carrying around yarn. That was the point I tuned him out.  More yarn hatred. I covered my beloved’s ears so that he didn’t have to hear such vitriol.

I also wound my lovely debbie bliss silk. I am searching for a pattern for a lovely one skein accessory, possibly a cowl, but I’m not sure since i really hate things around my neck.  Any suggestions are welcomed.

This weekend is going to be pure torture, because the florida fiber in is this weekend. I would skip it, but it is the only fiber event that I am aware of in FL, so I don’t want to miss out. I’ll try to take pictures of yummy yarn since I won’t be able to join in any of the events. I don’t know, I might give it a small try. If I behave myself the rest of the week, maybe it’ll be okay. I mean, it’s been two weeks. shouldn’t one time fracture between the first and second finger have healed mostly by then? I mean, they didn’t even cast it, it wasn’t bad enough. It only hurts when i twist my wrist. There has to be a way.

Also, when I suggested (perhaps a little forcefully) that the only way I would quit knitting would be if I had my hands hacked off, the dr looked at me  as if I were the crazy one, and blathered on about something, I don’t remember, I was too busy googling his credentials which I am CERTAIN came out of a cracker jack box.

A quick poll. My uber-talented sister is beginning to make handmade soap and she was wondering what your favorite scent is when buying soap. Pair this with how easily she caught onto knitting, the fact that she has two-hour labors and is ten lbs thinner than me and i could really hate her. SEE, I’m a meaner w/o yarn.



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You guys are not going to believe this

I’m not sure I believe me and I was there. Remember, my cute little joke about ending up in traction? Hahaha, I crack me up. Guess who tripped over her own two feet in the driveway and fractured her left hand? Yeah, that would be me. So. it seems I will be taking a short break from the challenge, sigh. Only I would have a excuse to sit around and knit for 6 weeks, and break a hand. What in the world am i supposed to do for 6 weeks? Did I mention that I’m left-handed?  Guess I’ll have lots of time to see what you lovelies are doing.


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