It’s been awhile!

It’s time for catch up!  Since the last post here, I began therapy for both of my arms that wasn’t very sucessful, but did at least stave off surgery. I am now about to type and knit in about 10 minute intervals. This year’s blog a long is going to be slow going for me for a little whle at least. I am determined to finish at least three things this year. This is a far cry from my ambitious list of last year, I’m trying not to dwell.


In other news, my entire extended family went completely insane, and decided to move back to the frozen tundra in January. We miss them terribly, but I am in LOVE with Florida and cannot even contemplate following them w/o getting the collywobbles.

Little miss turned three in Feb, and has been challenging me every single day! She continues to boss her daddy around like he is her slave. The other day she came out wearing her pink cowboy hat and carrying her jumprope. “I’m the cowboy, you be the cow. Say moo.”  She rode him 50 miles to the market. She is in NEED of a sibling!

Here are some newer photo


of us . Can’t wait for the new challenge to start








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5 responses to “It’s been awhile!

  1. Glad to hear your arms are doing better! Isn’t finishing projects the purpose of YOP, not the quantity of projects?

  2. Kim

    So good to see you back! You have been missed and there will be no judgement on how many things you knit nor how often you knit (and blog)–It will just be fun to have you back with us. Now take care, and don’t over do things!

  3. hurray, you’re back! 3 projects sounds quite sensible to me, you can always add more. Sorry to hear about your family moving north.

  4. Welcome back! Slow and steady progress for you, I hope! Just don’t overdo! If everyone else moves north, perhaps they’re planning to have snowbird Christmases with you in Florida? If I had any relatives in warm and sunny climes, I’d definitely plan on a week or two away from winter!

  5. Liz

    I’m glad to hear your arms are getting better and you don’t need surgery! Slow and steady with the knitting and hopefully you can build up to more knitting time 🙂

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