Father’s day fun

This week, Peanut and I worked on her writing debut. She wrote a story (as told and illustrated by mommy) about Daddy and her and the things they like to do together. The big lug was practically in tears. (Either that or he was squinting trying to figure out what the pictures were supposed to be, no, let’s go with the original statement) It was great.

We went to magic kingdom to play in their new water area. It is fantastic! It’s a circus train that shoots water everywhere. There is no safe spot to sit, so bring a towel. Livy particularly enjoys the elephant who sneezes on you.

On the knitting front, I do have wip that I’m very proud of. It’s an entralac baby blanket that I’ve converted into an afghan for Liv’s bed.Under normal circumstances. I would rather poke knitting needles in my eyes than try to decipher an entralac pattern, however, I was only allowed to knit ten stitches at a time when i was first cleared by my therapist to knit again. It took me the better part of two days to CO the stitches. I’m really proud of this blanket because from it just being beautiful, I actually stuck to it through all the pain. I chose the entralac pattern because it was the only thing I could think of that would allow me to complete a row in 10 stitches and also be functional, since you don’t see many giraffes wearing scarves.

Photo: Blanket for livy's bed, half finished

Finishing this is definitely on my list for next year. More to follow!

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