Year of projects, year 2

My list for year 2 is short and sweet.

I have the owlie sleep sack that somebody made last year
I will be continuing the entrelac blanket I use for therapy
I have cast on a pair of socks in a last ditch effort to learn to knit socks. If I do not succeed this time, I shall ban all members of my family from ever wearing them again. I shall refuse to launder anymore socks, lest they mock me.

That is it for me, I’m also going to review a knitting or crocheting book a week, just to keep you all from expiring from boredom. I grabbed 50 or so books out of the library today and hopefully will be able to read them throughout the summer.

I am going to try to control my envy, and my urge to go insane with the knitting list. (I lack self-control, if I had met my husband during my 20’s, we would have made the Duggars look like slackers.)I’m off to peruse everyone’s list now.


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11 responses to “Year of projects, year 2

  1. That’s a nice list and I totally agree about the fact to keep it short! I laugh a lot about your reference to the Duggars.

  2. looking forward to seeing FO’s and reading book reviews! good luck!

  3. Ruth

    Looking forward to reading your book reviews, that will be interesting and tempting to I’d imagine lol. Best of luck with the socks you can do it.

  4. Socks, they tease, they flirt, they cause heart ache, and they have been left off my list because I can’t stand the frustration any more.

  5. Liz

    I hope the socks work out for you this time! 🙂

  6. High stakes for the sock knitting LOL! I especially like the idea of banning socks from the household lest they mock you 😉

    As for knitting envy, that’s what my faves and queues in Ravelry are for. I put stuff there that I want to make, or wish I could make or just wish I’d thought of first. Seems to keep me sane.

    Good luck this year!

  7. Wow, I’m very impressed by the book review goal. I review a lot of books and would have trouble keeping up with that pace!

  8. Awesome, looking forward to year two, best of luck to you as we all embark on the mission.

  9. Short and sweet. I love reading reviews of knit and crochet books so will be eagerly awaiting your posts. xoxox

  10. Love the list, can’t wait to read the reviews!

  11. I love your attitude about your list – and the socks. No matter what you make I hope it fills you with joy! Looking forward to your projects and hearing about the books!

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