Rainbow crayons

This week we are discussing The 4th of July. Independence is a tough concept to explain to a 3-year-old, but we are working on the big concept which is the birth of a country. Our letter this week is F (for fireworks) This is mostly review as she has all of her upper case, and most of her lower case letters dow. Our math concept for this week is reviewing groups and patterns.


Our craft for today is making rainbow crayons. This is mostly my activity since it involves the stove and she is working on puzzles. Tomorrow, we will use the crayons to make firework pictures.

Tomorrow, we will be making star cookies and blueberry buckle for our picnic on Wednesday. So far, the rainbow crayons are working out fine, however, i am having difficulty being patient for the crayons to melt to get to the next step.

I am super excited to say that I think I’m raising a reader! She is really into stories right now. Her daddy and I both love to read and she is pulling books off o her shelf and “reading” them to me. Our favorite this week is “too many Frogs’.


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