Book Review: Knitted Lace Of Estonia

This book is written by Nancy Bush and is well written and highly Instructional. It includes a brief History of lace Knitting in Haapsalu, and explains the differences between Estonian Lace knitting and Shetland lace. I found the sheer number of shawls that were produced in a winter to be staggering.

Also included were brief tutorials on cast ons and cast offs and joining yarn. She also includes instructions for building a blocking frame. I found that to be a little intimidating, but that is why I am married to an engineer. He’ll be doing that part, if I ever get to knit anything out of this book.

The shawls are breathtakingly beautiful. The intricacy of the lace is amazing. I never realised that so many of my favorite lace patterns (and probably yours too) were designed by an Estonian woman who never wrote them down. The patterns are all charts, so it can seem a little imposing to someone like me who has a very loud preschooler in the house. This definitely not car knitting.

There is also a lace stitch pattern dictionary, so that you can try your own designs that I find charming. I will be adding this book to my collection, but i probably won’t be able to try it before peanut heads off to college.


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3 responses to “Book Review: Knitted Lace Of Estonia

  1. I wanted to tell you: wait she start school, but I have seen you are doing homeschooling, so when she’s doing a sport activity 🙂 Your review is really nice. Look forward to read the next one.

  2. She is taking swimming lessons and dance in the fall so I am lookig forward to at least 3 hours of knitting a week, (doing my happy dance.)

  3. Sounds like an interesting book. The blocking frame has me intimidated, too, and I don’t even have the book :).

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