I Admit it, I cheat. (already)

We are still in week one and I have already cast on more projects. I don’t know why, I am deeply in love with the projects on my list. I think it started with my attempts to control the stash. My husband had brought me home some five gallon zip-lock bags, and I was tossing the stash looking for beasties. The wool fumes were seductively leading me to perdition like a carrot calls to bugs bunny.

Before I knew it, I was casting on a hat for a friend. There, got that out of my system. Now, I have some very old rainbow-colored acrylic that my daughter is  insisting need to be a superhero cape. I’m trying to resist.

However, when I walked into therapy this morning, sitting next to the normal torture devices that have my name on them, was a ball of Sashay and 2 metal needles. For those of you (blissfully) unfamiliar with Sashay, it is a ribbon yarn designed to make ruffle scarves. I am so not a ruffle person, probably since I was pudgy kid whose grandmother never bought me anything not covered in ruffles to camouflage my flab.

I despise this stuff, aside from the PTSD memories of being forced to wear a ruffled, neon green, striped, teddy bear sweater. (Mom. Remember, some day I shall pick out your nursing home…) simply because it doesn’t flow well, instead of continuously sliding yarn to make stitches with, you have to poke your finger through the holes in the mesh, and then wrap the loops around the stitch to knit. I am left-handed, so I am used to the nice quick continental style of knitting. I am not patient enough for this stuff, plus, It’s so much more painful. I believe all that malarkey my therapist was spouting was merely a cover to try to get me to give up knitting. It won’t work.

I am posting this a little early, because I am heading to Ny on Tuesday to attend my 20th (gulp) highschool reunion. It’s just going to be Livy and I on our first plane ride together. Mike, unfortunately has to work so it will be an experience. Please pray for us, particularly, that I don’t jump out of the plane in self-defense, as little miss has an amazing ability to chatter more than 2000 chipmunks at once.

We are  going to be on the plane for 2 1/2 hours which should translate into knitting time, but will probably degenerate into me tying peanut to her seat. We’ll be in NY for 9 days. i don’t expect to get much knitting down while we are there. I shall be attempting to regain my favorite aunt status. This will require some chocolate and grubbing in the dirt. We’ve reached a compromise about icky critters though. I will pay more chocolate to have to touch fewer frogs.

I will be visiting the only LYS in my parent’s area, so next week there will be yarn porn. In other news, we went and looked at a new house about 30 miles out-of-town. It has 10 acres, and count them 4 LYS in the surrounding area. I am excited, and already planning an addition exclusively for yarn storage.

Happy crafting everyone and welcome to all the new participants!



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22 responses to “I Admit it, I cheat. (already)

  1. Ruth

    Have a great time in NY and your new home sounds divine with 10 acres and 4 LYS ! Sometimes you just have to cast on and I’m looking forward to seeing the hat.

  2. I agree on the ruffles, I tried one of those yarns once and haven’t touched the stuff since….just not my thing. Have a great time in NY! I never thought of looking at the LYS when searching out homes, maybe I should 😛

    • I had major sausage issues with the ruffle yarn. I loathe it. I have promised to gift it to the therapist I like least, I am also considering adding the scratchiest wool I can incorporate into it somehow. I’m taking suggestions.

      Among my other requirements for moving are proximity of good chocolate, and a library.

  3. Jen

    Have a great time in NY. I look forward to seeing what stores you visit! (I’m from NY and always looking for new shops I may stumble across in my travels.)

  4. Have a great trip and enjoy the stores. Looking forward to seeing your purchases.

    • me too. I just am not looking forward to sneaking into the house. Mike has caught onto me hiding yarn in the trunk and then sneaking it in a little at a time. I think that’s why he’s so keen to organise the stash, so it’s a little more difficult for me to hide things in the abyss.

  5. kimmery4

    Yarn. It just has a way of creeping into our daily life now matter how we may try to stop it. 🙂 Have a wonderful trip, and I will be booking tickets to come see you in your new house soon–two of my most local lys just closed down–stupid economy–and the one that is next closest I don’t like all that much but will do in a pinch–and then the next closest is a 35 mile round trip!
    I just want to say how fun it is to see you back with us and blogging again. Don’t overdo though; I would hate for us to lose you again!

    • We should have a YOP retreat at my house when i get moved in and have the space. We could do the lys tour, plus there are many alpaca farms in the area (You know that as soon as livy gets her puppy, I am going to be teasing my husband for an alpaca in interest of fairness.) We could even go to disney and teach those lazy princesses how to do something useful….

  6. Have a great time in NY.

  7. have fun in NY! could you teach your dtr finger knitting? that might keep her entertained? good luck!

    • that is a brilliant idea! I’m going to try it. if her three year old fingers can’t manage it, maybe she’ll tie herself to her seat, so I can get some knitting done, ol.

  8. Knitting is the BEST therapy there is as well as crocheting! I always have more than one project started and ready to pick up when I become bored of the current WIP. Have a blast in NY!

    • It definitely helps keep everything moving and hopefully, will stave off the surgeries longer. I have never had so few wips as I do now, and I’m feeling pretty bummed about my list as so many of you have so many awesome ideas.

  9. Your NY trip sounds fun….looking forward to seeing what you come home with! I have bags of fancy yarn donated to me, I have no idea what to do with any of it!

    Your viewing sounds like a dream, all those acres and yarn….what could be better, let’s face it, you could get some ewes and spin your own guilt free!

  10. Every time I try to organize my yarn stash I end up surrounded by yarn, and dreamily thinking what I could or should make. Somehow or another it never gets any better organized except after knitting some of it!

    Have fun in the big apple!

  11. oh wow. Forget the yarn storage extension, just build your own LYS in the grounds 🙂 How completely wonderfully totally fabulous! Enjoy your NY trip. I loved the line about being seduced by the wool fumes, blame it on the lanolin….

  12. Really enjoyed reading your post – I hope you have a great NY trip.

  13. Sounds like a great trip, enjoy it. And I really don’t like ruffled yarns as well.

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