Knitting Rules

I’ve read this book several times over the years as I have a real appreciation for Stephanie Pearl-Macphee. She was the first person I ever found who was as chaotic and disorganised as me and didn’t care, and gave me permission to not care either. Plus, she has totally cured me of stash guilt.

This book was never my favorite of hers, mostly because I ws used to her being more frivolous and I really like that about her. This is more of a well written tutorial about gauge and other knitting rules. It reads like a conversation rather than a lecture so it is still quite enjoyable.

I read it with new eyes this time. I’ve certainly had my battles with gauge, and also have blindly knit on when a project is 12 sizes to big. I also paid strict attention to the section on socks and have cast on the final pair of socks that I am ever going to attempt, using her pattern.

This book is both entertaining and instructional, and the biggest problem that i’ve found is that I have cast on a scarf, socks, a shawl and a sweater, so knitter beware. The start-itis is subliminal.


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8 responses to “Knitting Rules

  1. Ruth

    Lol can’t wait to see all the starts but I’m sure they’ll all be finishes in no time and all perfect fit…mmmm gauge thats a think I don’t ever do…bad me.

  2. Never had perfect guage…never even had close story is I meant to make it this way..

    • I did once have perfect gauge on a tunic sweater and then lost 20 lbs and I had to undo the whole thing anyway anhd I’m still too mad to reknit it.

  3. I currently have the perfect gauge on a pair of socks that are coming out so big, I’ll be lucky of they fit my boyfriend, but won’t fit me!

  4. Gauge….must try it sometime. I confess to not really even being comfortable trying to count and see what mine is.

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