A rare bit of quiet

It is 8:30 pm on a Saturday night and my husband is working, my house is clean, and MY CHILD IS SLEEPING! Wahoo, this calls for knitting and leftover birthday cake.

My last blog post has disappeared somehow. Brief recap. Rather poke knitting needles in my eyes that to fly alone with a three year old, even though she was so very well-behaved. I backed dad’s new car into a tree, yeah, good times. No knitting was done on this trip, but the reunion was fun.

Good news, my sister and her family have moved back to Florida and my parents are in process of coming back as well. They hate it in NY and now the grand kids all are 1200 miles away.

They all surprised me on my birthday on Thursday was expecting my sis, but not my parents and they hung out all day with us. It rocked. My husband and Livy bought me three lovely dish gardens. It was so sweet having my little girl be so excited about picking them out and making me a card.

About my list, It’s boring. I hate it. I love the projects, but I cannot stand the limitations put on me by my non-knitting therapists. SO, I have decided that torturer Jane and Co is not the boss of me. I will keep my projects but I’m adding some things. I will not go nuts, but I cannot have a so little challenge this year.


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  1. LOL.. and happy bday…what a nice surprise from your famiy..and having them move back close to you will be a treat..

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