confession time

It’s monday and it’s time for me to get it together. So, w/o further ado or anymore attempts to procrastinate here is everything I have in the works (at the moment!)

The therapy blanket progresses nicely. Entrelac is defintely the project for me right now as i’m finding my knitting time significantly reduced. The combination of increased rain and bored three year old have taken over my life at the moment. Knitting has become too painful to do w/o pain meds, and I refuse to take them while I am alone with Livy. S we are back to 10 stitches at a time. I really hate it.


Next comes the Owlie Sack. I am finally wising up and knitting before we try to get pregnant again, since kids have this horrendous habit of outgrowing things before I finish them. I am trying not to get my hopes up too high, because chances are 50/50 that my dr is going to completely veto the idea of us trying for another child, since I am very high risk. We are going to pursue adoption if this is not viable, so those of you who pray, please remember us in your prayers. We really need wisdom and guidance!

Then comes the many things that I have cast on since beginning the book reviews. blame the yarn Harlot. I do.

First up, we have a zigzag afghan. It is the zigzag afghan designed by Frankie Brown. I love her patterns, they are simply done but look incredibly complex. I do have trouble not getting too cocky and then having to rip back 10 rows. Here is my start It’s a wedding present for a family member.

It does make excellent car knitting though. It’s probably going to be the new car project because the therapy blanket is getting too heavy to be portable and soon the owlie sack is going to start the decreases.

Up next is a pachwork quilt that has been on the backburner ever since we found out Livy was a girl. That was when I spotted the lovely heathered pink wool that became her cabled baby blanket, nicknamed the pink leviathan (which I located 3 more balls of. I am contemplating putting it back on the needles and adding to it. It was a great deal of work, and that kid WILL pass it on to the next 25 generations, and so It should be a little longer, I think.

then comes a hat for a friend. the picture is not good. Neither is the progress. I cast it on. The yarn is a plummy purple.

followed by the third reknit of my falling leaves tunic. I’m kind of leaving this on the back burner though, just to make sure I lose no more weight. I want to be able to wear it when i’m finished. I will cry if this ends up as a gift for someone else. I don’t like any grwnup I know that well. The yarn is really lovely, autumnal colors, but the picture really doesn’t reflect that.

Then there is the shawl that I now hate! I really love the pattern,. but the sock yarn is not nice to work with. The colors are lovely together. I like how ot looks, but I really hate it. It’s in timeout right now, as it was too expensive to pitch, and it is supposed to be a christmas present, but it has bad vibes and would probably cause a forest fire or something. Ideas welcome.




Here is the fijiu lace wrap from last year’s challenge. I really like this, and want to finish it. So, back into the pile it goes.

Finally there is my “Last flipping attempt at these accursed socks and I really mean it this time!!!” project that I am trying to delude my brain into thinking they are not socks, but a hat fr a small pixie. WE shall see how it goes. They are worsted weight skiing socks that I am going to give away to family in NY, since I KNOW there is alot of bad karma here, and I’m not willing to have them in the house. The only trouble is that there is no one in my family who truly deserves this. If you have someone in mind email me your address and I’ll send them to you.





Finally, I have the aforementioned hat. A finished thing, in the sea of startitis and procrastination



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11 responses to “confession time

  1. Lots of lovely things! Mostly I’m struck by how amazing that zigzag looks. I had to stop reading part way to go favourite the pattern on Ravelry.

    As for the socks, if they’re at least 75% wool (or alpaca or other insulating natural fiber) I know Afghans for Afghans or the Warm Hands Network would love to get them! You can never have enough socks for kids and teens in cold damp climates!

  2. I am wishing you good health, good karma and the joy of a new child by whichever means works out. I love your knitting, and love your writing even more. Gorgeous colour owlie sack, and that purple is divine!

  3. Ruth

    Lots of lovely projects, I really like the look of the enterlac, its not something I’ve done so intrigues me and I really like the zig zag to. Sending prayers and good vibes your way for another child whichever means possible.

  4. You have a lot on your knitting plate! Good luck pecking away at things.

  5. Loving all your knits, especially the entrelac…that zigzag is fab, the name rings a bell, is that the same designer as my ten stitch twist….I should really go check before I write, but am just lazy!

    I am a prayer, and will certainly pray that you get answers to the prayers your family have.

  6. Wow, you have some amazing projects going on. I’m trying to learn entrelac this year, so I’m loving your entrelac project. The zig zag is pretty awesome, too.

  7. Love your collection of projects, although it sounds like some of them are giving you trouble! I love your idea of your socks being a pixie hat – hope your brain is fooled 😀

  8. All your knitting is beautiful, I especially love the therapy blanket and the zig zag. And Im holding you in my thoughts for having or adopting a child. I hope it all goes well for you.

  9. I am absolutely inspired by that wave….will have to find a good yarn….what do you recommend? All your other projects are faboo too…love that you love purple so much!

    • I would recommend a very sturdy wool for the zig-zag, probably a varigated, because it gets boring fast as it is only 10 stitches and a 2 row pattern. I’m using a wool blend that was given to me w/o the ball band, but I tried it with a softer wool first and it didn’t go well.

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