no real progress to report

We interrupt this blog to bring you life.

This week my house spoke to me. It said “dude, Remember when you were going to sort me out properly in June? Well, it’s August.” I replied “Didn’t I just…” “I’m not talking about just the stash. You always think I mean the stash.”

Sadly, many valuable knitting hours were squandered by hauling out everything I own and throwing out crud I was unaware I still had. Seriously. I had 14 half used boxes of Christmas cards. On the plus side, I found most of my teaching resources. I also located Olivia’s baby book.

Friday was my friend Jo’s b-day. I knitted her a chenille cotton washcloth and added a bar of my sister’s rocking homemade face bar, and some apple Meade.

Yesterday, i went to the beach with my family and my sister’s family. The water was so lovely. The only downside was that I somehow screwed up the zigzag ghan and I can’t figure out how. I frogged every bit of progress I made. GRR!



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8 responses to “no real progress to report

  1. Ruth

    Uhhh house getting in the way of knitting, happened to me to just before the weekend…yes yes I know I’ve a lovely sparkly house but all those wasted hours ! Sounds like a lovely present and a great family day out, do hope you can sort out the zigzag.

  2. So it was a productive week then :).

  3. sounds like you did alot…I get the surface cleaning and sorting out weekly, but with the change of seasons…I do the huge, haul out everything, lift up, move around, type house while going through it, but feels great when give yourself a pat on the back for getting it done..

    LOL at 14 boxes of xmas cards..I have stashes like that and when I find them I can’t believe what I was thinking to keep them in the 1st place..

  4. That is so frustrating, just when you think you have made some progress, you find a mistake and it’s all got to be frogged. ugh It was good that you got to spend some time with family though.

  5. Organizing is always an adventure!

  6. Well done. I’m trying so hard to stay on top of the housework, and have promised that come Mimosa Day I’m going to go through every single box, drawer and cupboard. Well perhaps not on Mimosa Day itself, but a bit every day for a long time. So sorry about the blanket, I hope it’s readilyr recoverable.

  7. Those darn houses. They always try and get you away from really important stuff. Like a zig zag afghan. Actually, hubby started sorting out stuff yesterday and wants me to go through some old photos so he can continue. Can I do that and still work double points at the same time? We shall see. LOL

  8. Yay for sorting, I’ve been saying I’m going to clear my spare/junk room for months now. Really need to get started on that…

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