Mimosa Day is here again!

Well, it’s the most wonderful day of my year, First day of school. I can just picture how it went at my sister’s today.  After  duct taping  the boy’s together to eliminate escape plans, She must have danced them out the front door and mimosa in hand escorted tem under armed guard to the bus stop. (the little blonde one is devious, evil, and brilliant, he makes an aunt proud.) Once she watched the bus round the corner, she belted out “freedom!” and hasn’t heard from since.

In other news, I frogged the zig-zag ghan twice and after this sad lesson in humility (I am not too smart to have to count rows.) I have learned yet again that I o have to pay attention to the knitting. I am still not back to the last pic I have taken, so my progress is actually – a gazillion yards.

Do you think it is smart for a woman who obviously cannot count to 20 accurately to teach a child? The jury is out on this one.




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2 responses to “Mimosa Day is here again!

  1. Up to 20 you’re still good- assuming you have the normally prescribed number of fingers and toes at last you have points of reference… Just don’t tell the kids that you’re still counting on your fingers & toes!

  2. Very amusing post, sorry about the afghan!

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