This week’s lack of progress brought to you by Pinterest!


You see before you a broken woman, a mere shell of her former self. The zigzag ghan seems so simple! It’s 10 stitches and only a 2 row pattern. I cannot get it to work. It is driving me distracted! Speaking of distraction….(ooh look, a froggie!) how amazing is Pinterest?

I love being able to pin school lessons and recipes and more knitting stuff that I will ever be able to complete in a lifetime. This also means that I will have the longest list imaginable next year. The down side is that i spend half my day on the site. Typing out this blog is taking me 4x as long as normal, just because I am also pinning stuff at the same time. Productivity is down.

In other news, my dad is staying with us for a few weeks until he can get settled into a new apt. He got his job at Disney back. My mom is coming down sa soon as she can tie up the remaining loose ends in NY.  I now have a 63-year-old love-sick teenager living in my house. At first, it was cute, now, it is annoying. Mom, please just get here before I move dad out in the garage.

The therapy ghan is growing nicely, the rest of my things are not. We are expecting hurricane Isaac this week, I’m not sure how my internet service will be, it was pretty spotty last week as well. If I don’t get to you in the next couple of days, i will be playing catch-up soon.



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10 responses to “This week’s lack of progress brought to you by Pinterest!

  1. Thank goodness I haven’t caught the pinterest bug … Ravelry is quite enough of a time suck for me 🙂

    Good luck with the hurricane; hopefully everyone comes through safely.

  2. Hopefully Issac will bugger off somewhere else..if not, batten down the hatches and stay safe..hopefully we’ll hear that all went well for you!

  3. Ruth

    I’ve not looked at pinterest but then do I have the time..probably not, best stay away…oh my you made me laugh with your 63 year old love sick teenager, how cute but yes I can imagine after awhile annoying. I do hope productivity increases, hard to get it to I know especially with distractions and I am very much human by end of day I def feel human anyway lol.

  4. Pinterest is all kinds of evil. Delicious, wonderful evil…

  5. Lucie

    I love PInterest and I know what you mean about losing all your time on there! It’s so easy to lose yourself on there but there are all sorts of loveliness to ogle at and drool over!

  6. Stay safe. I hope your family are reunited soon, how lovely that they are all moving back to be near you. I did do Pinterest, but the spam and lack of security annoyed me beyond measure. Ravelry is enough of a time suck for me.

  7. I definitely have to limit my pinterest browsing to the LAST thing I do at night. I don’t spend so much time pinning though….. maybe that’s it?

  8. Pinterest was really cool, at first, now if I see something that catches my eye, I’ll pin it but won’t log in…otherwise its a time vac…

  9. I hope you were all ok through hurricane Isaac! And I know exactly what you mean about pinterest, I rarely go on it now, since ravelry is already a massive time suck and I just didn’t get anything done!

  10. Kim

    I hope good old Isaac left you alone–I did not follow its path through Florida as it seemed to be veering away the last time I looked. Nasty things, those big old hurricanes. I can certainly do without them or tornadoes. Pinterest was a big time suck for me in the beginning, but now I only get on a couple of times a week–and usually like Cris, it is the last thing I do that day before going to bed. Pinterest tends to lose its shine when you can’t keep your head off the key board for being so tired!

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