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It was a hit

I’m way behind this week, but my parents are now all moved into their apartment and settled. It’s amazing the amount of junk a person accumulates over the course of a lifetime. My mom is talking about dividing up all of her pictures. I’m not sure why, but this bothers me.

Yesterday, since we were all together. I gave Jules his hat. I’m sorry the pictures took so long, Jules is just sneaky enough to read this blog in order to snoop. I haven’t done much knitting this week, but, my mom asked for a scarf, so I will be looking for advice on a scarf soon.

I am coming out of my funk, slowly. Thank you for the support and prayers. I appreciate it more than you know.

Because of this hat, I will be knitting angry birds hats for the rest of my natural born life. the small one asked for an angry birds costume. Who knew being a good aunt included a lifetime of knitting servitude.



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The last two weeks have been uphill work. I’m sorry, I really had nothing positive to share. I’ve been struggling with the reality of the loss of my son. It’s been 4 years now, and the ache usually lies dormant for most of the year, but this year, it keeps cropping up unexpectedly. I try not to dwell on what will never be, but I’ve been doing some thinking. I think the hardest part about the death of your child is that you are missing everything. There will never be a giggly girl calling to see if she call talk to Ethan,,,etc..

I find it very hard to knit during these time periods, because knitting is so reflective. I do have a FO, though, it is the angry birds hat. I will say that the hat was an easy knit, as were the pieces for the face, some of which were crocheted for effect. I finished the hat last week along with the face pieces, but I just this morning sewed it all together, because I was afraid to screw it up. I finally told myself that I was not afraid of sewing, and to be afraid of yarn is inconceivable! Like most things, I had worked myself into a tizzy over nothing. It was so easy, I am embarassed to admit how freaked I was.

My lovely husband purchased me new dining room furniture that we reupholstered over the weekend. They were pretty, but they were white. I despise white, mostly, because I am a stain magnet. I usually spill way more things on myself than peanut would in a week, in less than an hour. At the end of our school day, I look way worse than she does. My mother expressly forbid me to purchase a white wedding gown, for just this reason. (plus, white washes me out terribly)

Anyway, I had a lovely blue asian print I purchased for a wedding that never happened, so I made a cocktail dress and a pencil skirt out of it and still had enough left to make chair covers.


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It’s all my own fault

Well no, not really, It’s all the fault of that blight of my entire existence, maybe not the greatest evil in my life (I cannot insult my fashion adviser/yarn enabler too much or who knows what I will look like this year.) but certainly the longest lasting one, my little sister, for giving birth to the four cutest nephews I have ever had. The problem lies there, and with my need to be avenged on my sister for all the frogs, worms, dirt, and spiders she has thrown at me over the years, all while maintaining my world’s coolest aunt status.

Her second son is adorable and ( am not allowed to post pictures or give out any identifying info and I will respect that) has big dark brown eyes that are fringed with eyelashes I wish I could get w/o major money being involved. He is also current running favorite cousin in Livy’s book. (She runs in streaks. It depends on who does her bidding the fastest.)

He also routinely tells me  have the cutest baby he’s ever seen, and I am both beautiful and evil (long standing joke dating back to when my oldest nephew went to pre-k w/o my picture for show and tell and said “this is my Aunt Mist. She looks really nice, but she’s actually an evil super-genius!”) and that hewould love me best, EVEN IF I couldn’t get him into disney for free. Is it any wonder I am sitting here knitting my fingers to the bone, ignoring my family and my house to knit him the Angry birds hat that He just HAD to have before his birthday next week? Nope, you’d do it too. It is now officially tend to yourself Tuesday here, followed by Work it out yourself Wednesday, if necessary.


I knit for cute boys. Next up, i know that since they are all obsessed w/ Angry birds, i will be making three more of these hats. Then, the third little minion has asked for a linc costume. This may be a stretch of Auntly affection since it is miles of knitting brown and green. Plus, everytime I knit something at all, livy wants one too. I need a clone.

I have stopped work on the zigzag ghan until I hear from the designer to see if the pattern is right (I so love ravelry for that.) since I have now knit the thing correctly and it still goes all wonky in the middle. So, it’s in timeout. I’ve knit quite a bit on the therapy ghan, but I’ve also discovered another 5 skeins of the yarn for it, tempting me to make it the ghan who ate Manhattan size.


We had barely a blip of Hurricane Isaac, just enough to take out my Internet last week, so I’m sorry all, i didn’t make it to anyone’s blog, but I am slowly working on it. Now, that we have started up the new school year, my free time is a little limited, but my days are filled with happy, learning three year old covered in bubble paint and I wouldn’t trade that for quivet.

Homeschooling moms, I’m finding that livy wants to do school all day long, does this even out after a couple weeks? I don’t really want her day super regimented, any ideas are welcome!


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