The last two weeks have been uphill work. I’m sorry, I really had nothing positive to share. I’ve been struggling with the reality of the loss of my son. It’s been 4 years now, and the ache usually lies dormant for most of the year, but this year, it keeps cropping up unexpectedly. I try not to dwell on what will never be, but I’ve been doing some thinking. I think the hardest part about the death of your child is that you are missing everything. There will never be a giggly girl calling to see if she call talk to Ethan,,,etc..

I find it very hard to knit during these time periods, because knitting is so reflective. I do have a FO, though, it is the angry birds hat. I will say that the hat was an easy knit, as were the pieces for the face, some of which were crocheted for effect. I finished the hat last week along with the face pieces, but I just this morning sewed it all together, because I was afraid to screw it up. I finally told myself that I was not afraid of sewing, and to be afraid of yarn is inconceivable! Like most things, I had worked myself into a tizzy over nothing. It was so easy, I am embarassed to admit how freaked I was.

My lovely husband purchased me new dining room furniture that we reupholstered over the weekend. They were pretty, but they were white. I despise white, mostly, because I am a stain magnet. I usually spill way more things on myself than peanut would in a week, in less than an hour. At the end of our school day, I look way worse than she does. My mother expressly forbid me to purchase a white wedding gown, for just this reason. (plus, white washes me out terribly)

Anyway, I had a lovely blue asian print I purchased for a wedding that never happened, so I made a cocktail dress and a pencil skirt out of it and still had enough left to make chair covers.



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  1. Hugs, hugs, hugs. And more, if you want them, and a couple of Liberty print handkerchiefs. What sort of people would we be if we didn’t mourn the loss of a child? I am so sorry, and you and Ethan are in my thoughts.

    You were in my thoughts yesterday too, but for a different reason – Mimosa Day. Beautiful upholstering xx

  2. You are definitely in my thoughts, and I hope that you feel like you can knit again soon. And those chair covers are beautiful.

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