I’m a thirty-something mother of two happily married to a wonderful man who sacrifices his closet space to my yarn needs. I love knitting, reading, the beatles, and spending time with my family. I’m lucky enough to be a sahm but this does cut into my yarn budget.

We currently live in Orlando, FL and my hubby works for Disney world.That means my daughter occasionally likes daddy’s boss more than daddy. Usually when daddy is trying to feed her broccoli.

My son, Ethan, was born 8 weeks early with a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. He was with us for 8 weeks. Fortunately, god blessed us with our baby girl soon after and her heart is normal and she is amazingly healthy.


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  1. Thank you for your nice comments on my square, you’re right, should I trust someone’s judgement who thinks it is alright to wear socks with sandals! His colour sense is not great, and he doesn’t really ‘get’ crochet. The sock wool is not proving to be much fun, I did for one inexperienced moment wonder if I could get away with not balling it up, thankfully I saw sense and got my wonderful husband to hold it out whilst I wound it up, there has to be an easier way as it was soooo messy. Anyway, my first sock is underway so we will wait and see!

    • lol! Mine does the same thing, also he thinks all greens match. It has taken me 6 years now, But I might finally have him convinced that Lime green and Kelly green do not fashion make. If you are buying your sock wool at a yarn shop they will usually wind your yarn for you. If you buy it at a retail space (like the rest of us ;p) I heartily approve of how quickly you’ve caught onto the usual method . Plus, I find it very handy to wait until I’ve got him wrapped up like a mummy to talk about whatever topic he’s been dodging lately…

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