Sometimes a rainbow is just a rainbow

Our culture has accepted two huge lies: The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear them or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.
 – Rick Warren

This is not a politically driven post, i promise, but seriously, I have a three year old girl. She adores rainbows, pink, purple, polkadots, and glitter. This is no way reflects my political views, and even if it did, I would never use my child as a political platform because she is an innocent three year old who has a mind of her own.

Not everything in life is about symbolism, sometimes, people really just like rainbows.



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A rare bit of quiet

It is 8:30 pm on a Saturday night and my husband is working, my house is clean, and MY CHILD IS SLEEPING! Wahoo, this calls for knitting and leftover birthday cake.

My last blog post has disappeared somehow. Brief recap. Rather poke knitting needles in my eyes that to fly alone with a three year old, even though she was so very well-behaved. I backed dad’s new car into a tree, yeah, good times. No knitting was done on this trip, but the reunion was fun.

Good news, my sister and her family have moved back to Florida and my parents are in process of coming back as well. They hate it in NY and now the grand kids all are 1200 miles away.

They all surprised me on my birthday on Thursday was expecting my sis, but not my parents and they hung out all day with us. It rocked. My husband and Livy bought me three lovely dish gardens. It was so sweet having my little girl be so excited about picking them out and making me a card.

About my list, It’s boring. I hate it. I love the projects, but I cannot stand the limitations put on me by my non-knitting therapists. SO, I have decided that torturer Jane and Co is not the boss of me. I will keep my projects but I’m adding some things. I will not go nuts, but I cannot have a so little challenge this year.


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Knitting Rules

I’ve read this book several times over the years as I have a real appreciation for Stephanie Pearl-Macphee. She was the first person I ever found who was as chaotic and disorganised as me and didn’t care, and gave me permission to not care either. Plus, she has totally cured me of stash guilt.

This book was never my favorite of hers, mostly because I ws used to her being more frivolous and I really like that about her. This is more of a well written tutorial about gauge and other knitting rules. It reads like a conversation rather than a lecture so it is still quite enjoyable.

I read it with new eyes this time. I’ve certainly had my battles with gauge, and also have blindly knit on when a project is 12 sizes to big. I also paid strict attention to the section on socks and have cast on the final pair of socks that I am ever going to attempt, using her pattern.

This book is both entertaining and instructional, and the biggest problem that i’ve found is that I have cast on a scarf, socks, a shawl and a sweater, so knitter beware. The start-itis is subliminal.


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Can you describe the alleged yarn?

(enter courtroom which looks remarkably like a therapy center)

The defendant is being sworn in “Do you swear to tell the truth…”

the defendant (AKA me) “are you kidding me?”

In walks the persecutor AKA Evil Theresa who thinks it’s funny to torture afflicted knitters with terrible ribbon yarn and lovely needles.  She fairly oozes evil and also has the annoying ability to wear the perfect shade of red lipstick w/o it bleeding onto her teeth.

“How’s the scarf coming.?” Dead silence.

“”I’m sorry, what scarf would that be?”

Theresa has scented blood now, the victim has revolted. “The lovely ribbon yarn one with the holes designed to rob you of the few faculties you have left after your daughter spent three weeks being a chicken, a frog, and then a gorilla in succession.”

“I recall no yarn.” And it’s true. I do however,  recall in that vague post traumatic stress way, possibly cursing the air blue, and then ripping a stupid and vexing bit of ribbon into shreds and then feeding the evidence uh remains down the garbage disposal. There might have been some wine and copious amounts of chocolate involved. I’m not sure, since I’m pretty sure it was all a bad dream. Because, I certainly do not recall a ribbon yarn scarf I was supposed to be making.



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I Admit it, I cheat. (already)

We are still in week one and I have already cast on more projects. I don’t know why, I am deeply in love with the projects on my list. I think it started with my attempts to control the stash. My husband had brought me home some five gallon zip-lock bags, and I was tossing the stash looking for beasties. The wool fumes were seductively leading me to perdition like a carrot calls to bugs bunny.

Before I knew it, I was casting on a hat for a friend. There, got that out of my system. Now, I have some very old rainbow-colored acrylic that my daughter is  insisting need to be a superhero cape. I’m trying to resist.

However, when I walked into therapy this morning, sitting next to the normal torture devices that have my name on them, was a ball of Sashay and 2 metal needles. For those of you (blissfully) unfamiliar with Sashay, it is a ribbon yarn designed to make ruffle scarves. I am so not a ruffle person, probably since I was pudgy kid whose grandmother never bought me anything not covered in ruffles to camouflage my flab.

I despise this stuff, aside from the PTSD memories of being forced to wear a ruffled, neon green, striped, teddy bear sweater. (Mom. Remember, some day I shall pick out your nursing home…) simply because it doesn’t flow well, instead of continuously sliding yarn to make stitches with, you have to poke your finger through the holes in the mesh, and then wrap the loops around the stitch to knit. I am left-handed, so I am used to the nice quick continental style of knitting. I am not patient enough for this stuff, plus, It’s so much more painful. I believe all that malarkey my therapist was spouting was merely a cover to try to get me to give up knitting. It won’t work.

I am posting this a little early, because I am heading to Ny on Tuesday to attend my 20th (gulp) highschool reunion. It’s just going to be Livy and I on our first plane ride together. Mike, unfortunately has to work so it will be an experience. Please pray for us, particularly, that I don’t jump out of the plane in self-defense, as little miss has an amazing ability to chatter more than 2000 chipmunks at once.

We are  going to be on the plane for 2 1/2 hours which should translate into knitting time, but will probably degenerate into me tying peanut to her seat. We’ll be in NY for 9 days. i don’t expect to get much knitting down while we are there. I shall be attempting to regain my favorite aunt status. This will require some chocolate and grubbing in the dirt. We’ve reached a compromise about icky critters though. I will pay more chocolate to have to touch fewer frogs.

I will be visiting the only LYS in my parent’s area, so next week there will be yarn porn. In other news, we went and looked at a new house about 30 miles out-of-town. It has 10 acres, and count them 4 LYS in the surrounding area. I am excited, and already planning an addition exclusively for yarn storage.

Happy crafting everyone and welcome to all the new participants!



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star wreath

Today we worked on math groups, sprnt the morning in the park and worked on our star wreath, activites started very late today, she didn’t ask to start them untill 6 pm. She was very focused on them, though, and sailed through everything. This worked much better than the rainbow crayons.

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star wreath

Today we worked on math groups, sprnt the morning in the park and worked on our star wreath, activites started very late today, she didn’t ask to start them untill 6 pm. She was very focused on them, though, and sailed through everything. This worked much better than the rainbow crayons.

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